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Nathan Palmer Bespoke 1800's Black Tie Gala Celebrity Fashion Catwalk Show

Check out the glamour and elegance of the 1800s at the Nathan Palmer Bespoke 1800s Black Tie Gala Celebrity Fashion Catwalk Show! Also featuring Nathan Palmer's streetwear brand Perverse Demand. Immerse yourself in a night of opulence, fashion and entertainment like no other.

Perverse Demand - Exclusive High Quality Luxury Streetwear

You’ve found Perverse Demand!  Exclusive Luxury Streetwear, designed in Wales, by Nathan Palmer.  Nathan is famous for dressing celebrities who wish to stand out from the crowd. Perverse Demand is a new direction for Nathan, born from his love of Luxury Streetwear and to compliment his passion for sneakers. 

Why Buy From Perverse Demand?

Perverse Demand isn’t a typical luxury clothing brand. Combining the classic 70’s LA skate culture with a preppy chic, Perverse Demand offers a new genre of fashion. Furthermore it’s fresh, exciting, and 100% authentic.

Our clothing is made by people who care about high standards. Given that, we carefully select the fabrics and trims for every piece of clothing, making sure all our clothing is unique and incomparable. Down to the very last detail, all our garments are the best possible quality they can be, in addition, we pay close attention to cut and fit, to ensure you get the style and comfort you deserve. 

We have more than 10 years of experience designing everything from bespoke tailor-made suits and shirts to wedding dresses. When you shop with Perverse Demand you will discover our skill in searching out new styles and fabrics and that we know how to make clothes that are long-lasting and well-fitting. From the minute you put them on, you’ll know that you’re wearing clothing made with care, dedication, and top-quality materials.

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