Is Luxury Streetwear Worth It?

With collaborations between celebrities, haute couture houses and street and sportswear brands at an all time high, there has never been more choice for a truly exclusive and iconic wardrobe. If you can get your hands on one of those exclusive high quality pieces, you can be the envy of your peers. (Or even preserve it for the fashionistas of future generations, whilst padding out your pension plan). However, to achieve enviable style you often need a pretty significant budget – Is Luxury Streetwear Worth It?

Why are Some Brands so Expensive?

Why are some brands so expensive? With a cotton T-shirt on Mr Porter ranging from £20 to over £1,000 we wonder if our aspiration will meet expectations. So why should you turn envy into ownership? Are you inspired by your favorite sports person, celebrity or influencer? Are you tired of seeing everyone else in the same hoody or sneakers and ready for something more exclusive?

What Makes a Brand Popular?

Certain streetwear brands are popular and have stood the test of time for a reason. Palm Angels is currently one of the hottest streetwear brands on the planet. Recognized for their inspirational designs and prints, but renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and high quality fabric. Their followers know that these clothes are worth it, and return time and time again for the new drops.

Some of the hottest streetwear started with a different purpose in mind. Moncler, born in the French Alps in 1952, was created as sportswear which could withstand the dynamic mountain weather. As we all know it’s now equally at home in the city. Carhartt, as a rugged workwear brand, with a focus on durability. Unexpected appeal to European skaters and DJs, eventually lead to the development of Carhartt WIP. Quality and attention to detail is the secret to these transitions from practical to the runway.

An advert for Moncler in 1950’s

Perverse Demand

Nathan Palmer created Perverse Demand as an extension to his renowned bespoke tailoring. Each piece is individually designed and styled by Nathan. Customers recognize Perverse Demand for high quality fabric and trims and a flawless fit. The same feel of exclusivity as a handmade suit or dress.

Perverse Demand

So, is Luxury Streetwear worth it? We think so. If you usually invest for special occasions and love the feeling of wearing something special, choosing luxury streetwear could give you that same feeling every day. Make the world your runway and choose from brands who care about you!



Sizes S-XL Available. Winner will be drawn on 30th July 2024, and asked to choose size and provide shipment details via the email address provided.