Sale Fatigue? How to Navigate the Sales.

It’s January. Hopefully you had lots of fun blowing out the finances in December, perhaps you got paid before Christmas? Anyway it can often seem like a long slog to the end of the month. At the same time, the shops, your email and socials are full of tempting markdowns that make you want to max the credit card one last time. Here is Perverse Demand‘s take on how to shop the sales intelligently, to ensure that you don’t miss the genuine bargains!

As our fans are aware, at Perverse Demand we are all about slow fashion in small exclusive quantities. We carefully source high quality fabric and our Creative Director NATHAN PALMER adds design elements with the same attention to detail as he would in a bespoke hand made suit. Our wardrobe is made up of capsule pieces which are built to last, and to enhance your style, in true comfort, whatever your plans.

Nathan in our oversized sweatshirt, currently 40% off. Made in high quality peached, brushback stretch fleece.


If you’ve made a resolution for 2023, to be more sustainable, you may also be turning your thoughts to reducing the amount of clothing that you buy, wearing what you have for longer and reducing the amount that you contribute to landfill. This is where intelligent sale shopping comes into its own. Using your hard earned income to invest in quality, rather than quantity.

Aspirational Pieces

Perhaps you have been following a new brand, who’s prices are higher than your usual budget per item. January is a good time to look for discounts on those aspirational items. Many clothing brands will look to clear winter items ready to release new styles. We recommend the following strategy to grab yourself a great deal:

  1. Search for specific items or brands that you have been admiring.
  2. Don’t think about how much you are ‘saving’ – instead focus on how much you will use the item.
  3. Think about what you’d like to wear now – in the UK, some of the worst winter weather is probably yet to come.
  4. Apply the same shopping strategy as you would with a full priced item – Do you love it? Need it? Does it fit you? Does it suit you? Hasty sale purchases are more likely to end up in the back of the wardrobe and eventually in landfill.
  5. Invest in classic pieces which will still look good next winter.
  6. Bide your time, brands will probably continue to add styles to the sale through January and February – spend wisely.
  7. Make sure you can return sale items if they are not suitable. It’s not a saving if you can’t actually wear it.
Classic winter outerwear styles by Perverse Demand

The cold, the rain, the dark nights usually see us snuggled up on the sofa in January, we hope you find the perfect items to brighten up 2023!

The perfect spot for a cold January day by Perverse Demand



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