Streetwear – The New Rules?


Ignoring #bluemonday

We all know January is generally acknowledged to be the most depressing month of the year. Here at Perverse Demand, we’ve decided to embrace the positive! You can now stop wandering the shops, desperately searching for gift inspiration for your family and friends, and once again think about what you would like instead. Whilst it’s still freezing, with perhaps snow yet to come, apparel design has turned its view to spring. This means there are 1000’s of amazing streetwear deals, coupled with a new exciting season to shop.

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So how do you update your look for the new season? Streetwear is all about individuality and standing out from the crowd. We found this article, published by Vogue, from 2016, and wondered how the approach to street fashion has really changed since then?


Streetwear – The New Rules?

The article focuses on how to get noticed when attending fashion shows and events. With the ‘Fashion Week‘ calendar growing in exposure and popularity, this is probably a more important question than ever! So whilst you may currently be happy on the sofa in your favorite loungewear, we’re pretty sure you will be looking to show off your satirical style come February. So how do you achieve: “The lie that your outfit is simply the natural combination of the first three of four items that you threw on this morning. And that you have a sense of magic and verve that makes the whole thing creative and effortless”?

Streetstyle on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. Perverse Demand's white tracksuit, effortless, timeless style.
Perverse Demand at London Fashion Week – Taking a Tracksuit on the Catwalk!

If you were to follow ‘the rules’ from 2016, perhaps you’d be a lot less comfortable that you might be in 2024. Haven’t we all given up our sky high heels in favour of carefully curated pair of sneakers? (The rarer the better of course). We also don’t believe that twinning is where streetwear is at in 2024. Top streetwear brands promote individuality not conformity. Even if you and your mate managed to obtain the same, exclusive, streetwear top, we doubt you’d be wearing it in the same way!

The role of Vintage Streetwear.

Since Vogue wrote this article in 2016, there has been a meteoric rise in Vintage fashion. Refinery29 advises that in 2020, 33 million people bought their 1st secondhand piece of clothing. We know there is more of this to come. In terms of style, vintage = one off, so you can be sure that no-one else will be wearing the same. Don’t forget though that it has to be the ‘right’ vintage piece – a rare designer label, or a standout design, the are no points for just ‘old’!

So can Streetwear really have Rules?

Here at Perverse Demand, we say a firm no! If your only goal is to get noticed by the camera’s then Vogue’s 2016 rules still have some merit. However, we believe that streetwear is as much about feeling good. Our ethos is to curate your look with high quality pieces, designed for comfort. Whether you style is casual, or you love to dress up, here at Perverse Demand we believe the only ‘rule’ is that feeling good = looking good!

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Streetwear, by Perverse Demand.



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