How to Build a Streetwear Wardrobe


Putting together a strong streetwear outfit calls for smart judgement and a wardrobe full of trendy pieces that compliment your style. But if you’re not too sure where to start when it comes to creating the perfect streetwear collection, not to worry. We’ve mapped it out for you!

To build a streetwear wardrobe:

  1. Start with the essentials 
  2. Choose your trousers
  3. Layer up 
  4. Finish with trainers

1.Start With the Essentials

First things first, start with the essentials. By this we mean your go-to basic pieces of clothing that act as a base and will help you bring your outfits together. These include anything from tee’s, shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants etc. 

The Classic Graphic Tee

The classic graphic tee is a key staple when building your streetwear wardrobe. Go casual and pair it with some cosy oversized joggers and trainers, or dress it up with a pair of your favourite denim jeans and blazer. 

Be sure to choose tee’s that suit your personal style, i.e. if you want to make a statement, opt for a bold graphic tee, perhaps one with branding on the front or back, whereas if you’re looking for something a bit more toned down, choose a more plain option with only little graphics. 

We recommend having enough classic tee’s to suit any outfit, for example, a white tee, black tee, grey etc. 

The Oversized Hoodie

Whatever the season, an oversized hoodie is a must-have in your streetwear wardrobe. When it comes to streetwear, oversized garments reign supreme, so ensure you have at least one oversized hoodie in your wardrobe to layer up any outfit. 

How to build a streetwear wardrobe

To complement your casual back street style, pair with sweatpants or sweat shorts. Looking to go a bit more dressy? Pair with cargos and a jacket. 

2. Choose Your Trousers 

Up next, you want to focus on your lower layers. We recommend choosing three different pairs of legwear for your streetwear wardrobe, including sweatpants, denim jeans and cargos. 


With athleisure taking the streetwear industry by storm, sweatpants are an essential part of your streetwear wardrobe. They are not only stylish and versatile, but also incredibly comfortable. 

Although they are perfect for lounging in-doors, you can often find a use for them in your day-to-day style. For example, pair with a graphic tee, blazer and converse for a smart-casual look while working or going to meet friends. 

In terms of fit you can go for either an oversized open-ended flare style or a slimmer cuffed look, the choice is yours. 

Denim Jeans

If your streetwear wardrobe doesn’t include a decent pair of jeans, then you’re doing it all wrong. The perfect pair of jeans fit in all the right places, are comfortable and can be worn for any occasion.

We recommend having a couple of jeans in your collection – the darks and the lights. For dressing up, we recommend opting for the darker colours such as dark blue, black or grey. Whereas more casual, day-time looks are best suited for lighter colours, such as acid wash or solid light blue. 


A quality pair of relaxed cargos are another staple in your leg wear collection. These stylish trousers are perfect for those off-duty fits and enhancing your streetwear looks. 

Paired well with a range of trainers and most upper layers, cargos are a must to ensure you have diversity within your wardrobe. 

3. Layer Up

Your outerwear layers are arguably one of, if not the most important aspect of your streetwear wardrobe. Any readers in the UK will agree that having solid outerwear is a necessity to face the chilly autumn and winter months, so it’s important we get it right!

Lucky for you, there are numerous outerwear styles you can choose from, depending on the weather, your personal style and the occasion. 

Our first recommendation we believe is an essential piece of outerwear is a classic bomber jacket. These retro looking jackets are a great addition to a minimalistic style and when thrown over a simple t-shirt, can give you a cool, edgy look. Layer over a hoodie or sweater to stay warm in colder temperatures. 

How to build a streetwear wardrobe

You also can’t go wrong with a trusty gilet to add to your collection. A gilet, also known as bodywarmer, is the perfect outer garment as the temperatures start to drop. Best worn over a shirt, fleece or hoodie, a lightweight gilet provides an extra layer of warmth and comfort when you don’t want the bulk of a heavy jacket.  

How to build a streetwear wardrobe

Learn more about the best streetwear jackets here. 

4. Finish With Trainers

Last but certainly not least, find your perfect trainers. When it comes to streetwear, a quality pair of statement kicks will bring your outfit to life. In our eyes, you can never have too many pairs of trainers, which is why we recommend kitting yourself out with a few different styles. 

Firstly, find a pair of daily trainers you can wear with any casual outfit, all day. Choose something with a robust construction as well as style, such as a classic pair of New Balance runners or Air Force 1’s

You also want a pair of smarter style trainers that you can wear for dressy occasions. The Ted Baker Skate trainers are a good choice, as well as the Adidas Originals Adi2000

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Written by Kate, for Perverse Demand.



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