How to Get Into Streetwear


You can get into streetwear through various avenues. This can be done by building up your basic everyday items and through finding a style influence that you admire. 

Getting into streetwear has never been easier with the rise of social media displaying the potential of streetwear around the world. Streetwear is a fashion trend that can be adopted by anybody as it is so versatile, so where should you start?

Ways to get into streetwear:

  1. Build Up Your Basics
  2. Find a Style Influence
  3. Experiment with Colours and Styles
  4. Read Up on the History
  5. Buy Seasonal Items 

1. Build Up Your Basics

Building up a collection of basic and staple streetwear items is a perfect starting point to get into streetwear.

Basic streetwear clothing can include items such as simple t-shirts, staple trainers as well as hoodies. These items allow you to build outfits around them.

Basic Streetwear Items We Recommend

Knitted T Shirt with Rubber Badge

This T Shirt is beautifully crafted, is slim fitting and designed with soft cotton. It is the perfect addition to any growing streetwear wardrobe. As it does not feature a large design, this enables this to be paired with a variety of other more colourful streetwear items.

Designer Streetwear - Knitted Tee
This T Shirt is a classic and should be part of a staple wardrobe.

Oversized Chest Print Hoody

Staple to any streetwear wardrobe, the hoody is perfect for those colder or wetter days. The logo featured on the chest is subtle but stylish, helping to become a staple in your forming wardrobe. 

Designer Streetwear Signature Hoody
The Logo Hoody is perfect for cooler days.

2. Find a Style Influence

Whether rapper, sport star or a personal friend, finding a style influence will help you to understand what style you are intrigued by. 

Following this person on social media, or other channels, will allow you to gain an understanding of the items they like to wear. Learning what works for them and adapting this to your own look will help you to experiment, building your confidence.

Identifying specific items and styles from these influences can lead you to purchase the same, or similar items, to emulate their style. 

Compilations of some artists’ best outfits have been created including ASAP Rocky and Kid Cudi.

3. Experiment with Colours and Styles

Understanding which colours, shapes and styles suit your body and fit your personal style journey is incredibly important. The more you experiment with your style, the more confident you will feel in your new wardrobe items.

Experimenting can be challenging if you are new, but experimenting can help you to learn exactly what you love to wear. 

4. Read Up on the History of Streetwear

Learning about the origins and evolution of streetwear will help you to understand the journey streetwear has gone on. This allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and you can adapt your style to fit accordingly. 

It will also help you to understand what streetwear items have been put together historically, helping you to build your outfits.

5. Buy Seasonal Items

Once you have built up a collection of basics for your streetwear wardrobe, it is time to follow the seasonal trends. This means dressing for the correct seasons and weather patterns. 

If you are heading into winter, you are going to need some warmer clothing. This includes the addition of streetwear coats, streetwear jeans and hoodies. 

Seasonal Streetwear Items we would recommend:

Padded Jacket

Heading into the colder seasons, wrapping up warm is a main priority. Don’t compromise your fashion choices for warmth here, as you can get a two in one item. The padded jacket is lined with soft cosy sherpa to gain maximum warmth.

Designer Streetwear Padded Jacket
The Padded Jacket is ideal for the winter season.

Sherpa Lined Woven Gilet

This gilet can be styled in a way to adapt to all weather conditions. It is a perfect standalone piece or can be styled up with cargos.

Designer Streetwear by Perverse Demand
The Gilet is adaptable for any outfit.


To conclude, streetwear is all about being able to express yourself through your clothing. Start by building your wardrobe up and then experiment with your style choices, becoming bolder and more confident in what you wear.

We are Perverse Demand: your favourite luxury clothing brand. Combining the classic 70’s LA skate culture with a preppy chic, we offer a new genre of fashion and produce only the highest quality long-lasting, and well-fitting streetwear.

To learn more about unique streetwear fashion, including tips and the latest trends, check out our blog page or get in touch via contactus@perversedemand.co.uk to speak to a member of our customer service team.

Written by Luthien for Perverse Demand.



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