What Size Should I buy?


Navigating Fashion Sizing

Found a new Ecommerce brand whose vibe you love? Not sure how to make the right decision on what size to buy?

Neither brands, nor customers, are keen to deal with returns. Internet shopping in the comfort of your own home is perfect until you have to trek out to the delivery office to send it all back. Brands want their customers to love their products and to enjoy the moment of opening something perfect! Here is Perverse Demand’s take on finding the perfect fit for you.

We know you are probably here because you’re a fashion leader, you like to be the first to find a new brand or create a new style, and you know how to put a look together that’s right for you. You don’t mind what size is on the label, as long as it feels and looks good.

Size Guide

So let’s start with the size guide. A good size guide will give body measurements corresponding to each of the sizes offered. You should measure yourself (or ask someone to help) and then match your measurements to those on the size guide. This will tell you what size is most suitable based on the Designer’s intended fit. Unfortunately this is not completely fail safe – what if one of your body measurements corresponds to one size and another body measurement a different size? What if you are tall, or small or you’ve bought from brands where the sleeves are too short?

Don’t worry, we are all unique! Individual product information may give you more insight about the actual measurements or fit of the garment. For example you may see a garment or sleeve length measurement, or the product may be described as ‘slim fit’ or ‘oversized’. If your body measurements are in-between 2 sizes, you may want to size up in a slim fit product, and take the smaller size in something ‘loose’ or ‘oversized’.

The same style – Perverse Demand Long Padded Coat on people of varying heights

Fibre composition is a legal requirement when selling online, so you should be able to see information about what the product is made of, products which include elastane will have more ease, so you may be able to buy to your smallest measurement. If you are buying a woven shirt without elastane then it’s better to work to your biggest measurement.

What if I just like to look at the Pictures?

Designers often publish ‘model shots’ of their products. Some brands publish the height and size of the model, however, this is perhaps only helpful if you happen to be the same size and height? If the same model appears in lots of the shots then you can get a direct comparison of the fit between one product and another.

The best information from the product shots is the ‘look’ that the designer was intending. Nathan features in a lot of ours as he’s both creative director and fit model. If you choose a size true to your body measurements, it should fit you in a similar way to the model. You can size up or down for a slimmer or looser fit.

The same person showing the size and fit difference between Perverse Demands Slim Fit Hoody v Perverse Demand’s Oversized Hoody

So – What Size Should I Buy?

A good designer and manufacturing team will try to ensure the their clothes are suitable for as many people as possible, look for garments with added stretch for increased comfort and ease. Casual clothing is more flexible than formal clothing, so if you’ve checked your measurements and any garment measurements listed, you can be pretty sure it will fit. If you include your own personal preferences and size up or down for a closer or looser fit, your choice should be perfect. Remember Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it!



Sizes S-XL Available. Winner will be drawn on 30th July 2024, and asked to choose size and provide shipment details via the email address provided.