Luxury Streetwear with a difference by Perverse Demand - Our Story

Luxury Streetwear by Perverse Demand - Our Story

Nathan Palmer in luxury authentic streetwear brand Perverse Demand

Nathan Palmer is a Welsh fashion designer from Penarth with a passion for all clothing, from tailoring to luxury streetwear. Working in fashion since 2014, he’s established himself as a respected and detail-oriented tailor. Throughout his career, he’s dressed the likes of Olympic medallists, boxers, footballers, and singers.

With a background in bespoke tailoring, Nathan is moving in a new direction with Perverse Demand. This authentic luxury streetwear brand delivers smart-casual outerwear and loungewear for people that want to push the boundaries in fashion. Every item of clothing is thoughtfully designed by Nathan so you can create a unique and captivating look.

The co-founder of the brand, Debbie O’Sullivan, is working alongside Nathan on their journey with Perverse Demand. Debbie has experience in garment manufacturing, product development, and has previously worked for several well-known brands.

Together, they have over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. They’ve learned firsthand the importance of using top-quality materials ranging from Welsh wool to cashmere and cotton.

“Perverse Demand is based around the Sneaker head, the skater, and urban street wear. It’s the alter ego, where worlds collide and are brought together in forms of clothing and lifestyle, and that’s exciting. It pushes the creative sphere of fashion to a whole new level, allowing people to push their identity towards fresh and exciting heights”

Why buy from Perverse Demand?

Perverse Demand isn’t a typical luxury clothing brand. Combining the classic 70’s LA skate culture with a preppy chic, Perverse Demand offers a new genre of fashion. It’s fresh, exciting, and 100% authentic.

Our clothing is made by people who care about high standards.

We carefully select the fabrics and trims for every piece of clothing, making sure all our clothing is unique and incomparable. Down to the very last detail, all our garments are the best possible quality they can be.

With over almost 10 years of experience designing bespoke tailor-made suits, we know how to make clothes that are long-lasting and well-fitting. From the minute you put them on, you’ll know that you’re wearing clothing made with care, dedication, and top-quality materials.

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Sizes S-XL Available. Winner will be drawn on 30th July 2024, and asked to choose size and provide shipment details via the email address provided.