How to Choose a Streetwear Photoshoot Location


Recently Perverse Demand joined some of the talent represented by Boudica Studios for a streetwear photoshoot in atmospheric Camden Lock. Perfect timing to coincide with the launch of our summer streetwear! Suitcase packed and off to London!


Since the 70’s Camden has been the launch pad for many iconic British brands. It’s still as exciting today, especially if you love streetwear, unique designs and independent brands as much as we do. When you are tired of shopping show off your unique style in a range of cool canal-side bars.

Streetwear Photoshoot

It’s fair to say that the weather was kind to us, setting up the chosen location perfectly. (Our photographer Richard Leppard, would probably argue that the volume of people on the streets, and the bright sunlight presented challenges of its own!)

On the way to the tow path, we decided to stop traffic on the main bridge with some classic streetwear shots. Cue some amusement whilst everyone tried to strike a ‘natural’ pose. For fear of being asked to go back where we came from, we continued down the tow path

Streetwear Photoshoot

What better backdrop for streetwear than some of Camdens famous street art? Inspired by the bold, colorful, rebellious aesthetic we matched the background graphics with our own signature branding. Here at Perverse Demand we particularly love the color combinations of our Signature Oversized Hoody with the Pink, Cream and Peach forming a striking photo. Richie also both stood out and blended with the street art in our White Printed Tee.

Our final location was probably my personal favorite – who knew there was a castle in Camden Lock? After a few more outfit changes we attempted some walking – not always as easy as you might imagine! Finally we rounded off the final shots of the day.

Kid Bouji and Richie Crichton in Perverse Demand

Our Models

We are very grateful to our models: Kid Bouji, Maxine Booth, Tara Carmen, Richie Crichton, Joanna Andr and Lexy. Thank you so much for becoming fans and ambassadors for Perverse Demand. Look out for these guys out and about in Perverse Demand soon.



Sizes S-XL Available. Winner will be drawn on 30th July 2024, and asked to choose size and provide shipment details via the email address provided.